Welcome to Dimension Number 2 the third!
The site has mostly run its course, but if you want to engage in some free-form roleplaying, we can't stop you.
Most of the action is in the Misc Roleplays section.
If you want to join something, it is advised that you ask first via PM or shoutbox.
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You only need to read these once. Might as well do it now.

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4 4 Getting Started
by Digizel
Jun 24, 2011 3:40:59 GMT -5
No New Posts Announcements

This is where things happen when they happen. (Includes site announcements, news, and events.)

1 1 Trainer Blah used Revive on DN2!
by Blahsadfeguie
Jun 24, 2011 16:13:12 GMT -5
No New Posts Service Center

Have a question? Suggestion? Request? This is the place. Open to guests!

2 3 Multiple Usernames Request Thread
by Aura Fox
Sept 8, 2011 22:25:06 GMT -5
No New Posts Advertise/Affiliate

Advertise your forum or site in here, or request to affiliate with us.

83 85 The Wild Side, an original Warrior roleplay with a twist
by Uta
Jul 5, 2021 8:35:17 GMT -5


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No New Posts Profile Creation

Post in here if you want to make a new character. Be sure to use the provided basic template. (Also: reading the rules first wouldn't hurt. ;L)

23 53 Raze
by Digizel
Nov 7, 2014 17:21:46 GMT -5
No New Posts Accepted Profiles

When your profile is accepted, it will be transferred here by a staff member. Be sure to post in your profile to keep track of your items, threads, etc.

46 73 {Raze} Robin "Raze" Razorblade
by Digizel
Nov 11, 2014 3:07:42 GMT -5
No New Posts Dimensional Entities

Here you'll find extra information such as mechanics, items, and advanced moves that isn't mandatory for survival, but it's usually nice to know.

11 14 Achievements
by Aura Fox
Oct 8, 2011 21:56:59 GMT -5


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No New Posts Daetus Field

The main overworld of Daetus. When traveling to an area on Daetus you have not yet been, you must cut through here. It may be worth exploring a bit, though, as there are several interesting landmarks scattered about.

11 152 Raze's first steps into his new reality
by Digizel
Nov 11, 2014 22:02:01 GMT -5
No New Posts Jarikar City

Jarikar is essentially the capital of DN2. It is a very large and robust city, and you can find almost anything here. Its citizens are always quite busy, and sometimes aggressive and impatient, but city life does that to you.

1 1 First time in Jarikar
by Raze
Nov 12, 2014 14:07:43 GMT -5
No New Posts Ado Tomb

An ancient and mysterious tomb said to contain the remains of an ancient and powerful Pokemon. Although it has been around for thousands of years, it remains sturdy and filled with traps to detour would-be graverobbers.

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No New Posts Junkyard

A landfill, more or less, of various types of scrap metal, vehicles, robots, and all sorts of futuristic things that (curiously) you probably won't find in new, undamaged form anywhere else in the dimension. It's expansiveness and wastelandishness makes it a very peculiar place.

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No New Posts Hiruko Desert

Your typical desert - cacti, sweltering heat, and sand as far as the eye can see. And let's not forget the mirages. Some say that you'll die of insanity before you have the chance to die of dehydration.

1 6 (Rizor) Treasure Hunting Adventures in the Desert
by Diamond
Jul 2, 2011 14:46:27 GMT -5
No New Posts Flintan Canyon

A wide canyon with crevices that can extend deep into the ground, some of which even spew magma occasionally. It's a real hotspot for Fire-types, and anyone looking for a challenging road.

1 17 {Haru} The Mission Unfolds
by Digizel
Feb 12, 2012 16:31:12 GMT -5


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No New Posts Nirocci Field

The main overworld of Nirocci. When traveling to an area on Nirocci you have not yet been, you must cut through here. It may be worth exploring a bit, though, as there are several interesting landmarks scattered about.

7 141 <Jaye> The Incendiary Ingress
by Digizel
Feb 10, 2013 1:15:17 GMT -5
No New Posts Visdumia

One of the largest cities in the dimension. Although not quite as big as Jarikar, it is almost equally famous, especially for its education and technological advancements. Knowledge is plentiful here.

2 27 <Jaye> Knowledge Is Power...Right?
by Digizel
Mar 19, 2013 10:46:36 GMT -5
No New Posts Taika Meadow

A peaceful, grassy meadow full of plant life and prosperity. The birds are singing, the cute little critters are out chittering to each other, and life is just peachy.

1 1 Found a Peanut (Open)
by Leaf
Aug 24, 2011 20:55:20 GMT -5
No New Posts Opal Mountains

A long and wide mountain range. The trails are rocky and rugged, but are fairly easy to traverse. There are also several caves, and occasionally a lucky traveler will stumble across a mine full of gold or gems.

1 23 Still training in the Opal Mountains
by Diamond
Jul 4, 2011 13:29:53 GMT -5
No New Posts Kenika Coast

A long beach bordering the ocean. There are plenty of multi-level cliffs and tunnels, and lots of Pokemon come to the coast for a refreshing break.

1 6 [Darwin] Strange Flow of an Odd Chapter...
by Blahsadfeguie
Jul 11, 2011 13:26:30 GMT -5
No New Posts Badlands

A storm-infested barren wasteland. Rain almost never falls here, but there are plenty of thunderstorms, and this place has been stricken by lightning more times than you can count.

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No New Posts Tunican Field

The main overworld of Tunican. When traveling to an area on Tunican you have not yet been, you must cut through here. It may be worth exploring a bit, though, as there are several interesting landmarks scattered about.

9 106 Daimen's Mission - Chapter 1: Quite the hold up
by Aura Fox
Oct 12, 2011 18:51:48 GMT -5
No New Posts Tyric Town

A more rural and rustic town, probably better known for its entertainment and leisure than anything else. And for that, the town gets relatively as many visitors as even Jarikar.

by Blahsadfeguie
Oct 7, 2012 17:44:40 GMT -5
No New Posts Aina Forest

A simple, calm forest near Tyric Town. None of the Pokemon here are really all that tough, so it's a good place for beginners to train and get their feet wet in the dimension.

4 81 Spark's journey - Chapter 4: Into the forest
by Aura Fox
Nov 21, 2011 21:04:46 GMT -5
No New Posts Rios Valley

A vast, windy valley. This site is populated by more bird Pokemon than anywhere else, and the skies are always filled with them. They are a playful bunch, but are very protective of their young.

1 24 Spark's Journey - Chapter 2: The valley
by Diamond
Aug 6, 2011 13:26:09 GMT -5
No New Posts Otrava Bog

The atmosphere around this bog is slightly toxic and difficult to breathe in. Poison-types feel right at home here, and you'll rarely find any other types hanging out here.

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Other Areas

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No New Posts Ehgle Ocean

If you plan on crossing over to another continent, you'll be sailing or flying over the Ehgle Ocean. You might even come across some islands on the way, or you can dive into the depths in search of sunken treasure.

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No New Posts Glitch Void

The zone that is occupied by the entities without physical forms, existing outside of reality. This is the afterlife, where the dead move on and are judged by the Reaper.

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No New Posts Dreamland

A distant land where the traveler's subconscious mind, inner drives, desires, and flaws are projected into reality. Braving these lands requires not only a strong will, but also wit and strength.

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No New Posts Drakumulus

Far into the heavens at great altitudes, there is a paradise for Dragons. They say the clouds are thick enough to walk on here, but softer than cotton. Just make sure to try to keep your distance from the territorial beasts that roam the skies...

1 9 [Doug] Just popping in, and popping out
by Willy
Oct 11, 2012 20:09:03 GMT -5
No New Posts The DN2 League

Just like any other pokemon league... except with just over twice as many gyms and a PMD twist. You may start your league challenge at any time, independent of your adventure.

3 3 Gym Leaders Power Levels
by Willy
Jul 9, 2011 16:57:11 GMT -5
No New Posts Archived Threads

If a character is archived, their thread will be moved here.

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RP Discussion

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No New Posts Plot/OOC Discussion

In here, you can talk about what's happening in your character's journey and what you would like to accomplish. You may work out details with your moderator, or get help on how to solve an in-game problem.

3 31 Moderator Request Thread
by zantetsuren
May 27, 2012 2:08:29 GMT -5
No New Posts Teams/Groups

If your character wants to form or join a team of some kind, such as a PMD-style rescue team, you may post in here.

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No New Posts Mini-Games

Come here to participate in or even start in-character games and battles to win or wager in-game prizes, such as Power or special items.

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No New Posts Sandbox

Staff, Veterans, and normal members alike may start non-canon experimental DN2-related threads and roleplays. Great for writer's block and moderator practice!

4 101 Hospital... more like... Hope-spittle?
by Willy
Jan 27, 2016 0:52:49 GMT -5


Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Creative Board

If you have anything you'd like to show off or receive advice or criticism on, such as fanfiction, videos, art, or whatever, this board is the spot. Don't be afraid to showcase your work!

5 5 Sonic Chronicles: The Light Brotherhood
by ChronoStrike
Jan 12, 2013 10:50:18 GMT -5
No New Posts Forum Games

From Character Vote-Off to Above/Below Game, or even Rock Paper Scissors. Go ahead and make as many games as you want!

by rayancaleb
Jan 27, 2018 1:30:35 GMT -5
No New Posts Social Board

New to the site? Leaving for a while? Or do you just want to wish someone a happy birthday? Any social member-to-member threads may be posted here.

9 57 Wild RubiX appeared!? Wait... who's that?
by ChronoStrike
Feb 6, 2013 1:22:53 GMT -5
No New Posts Gaming Zone

For anything video-game related. Talk about your favorite game, organize an online gaming clan, or do whatever you like.

4 12 Xbox one s is a lousy media player
by rayancaleb
Jan 5, 2018 4:57:03 GMT -5
No New Posts Misc. Roleplays

Here, you may start or take part in roleplays that do not have to do with the DN2 plot. You can roleplay about anything here - other Pokemon plots, video games, anime, realistic, be creative!

22 797 City Number 17
by Willy
Feb 29, 2016 1:19:01 GMT -5
No New Posts Dimension Number 0

A "Spam" and off-topic forum. We don't mind what you post in here, so if you just want to talk about your day, for example, or sing a song, drop on in.

by rayancaleb
Jan 27, 2018 1:30:11 GMT -5


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